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...october 7, 2008 ... 

what can you tell me about the success of the pyramids?

pyramid sphinx

what can you tell me about
the success of the pyramids?
egyptian pyramids i mean –
pharaoh mausoleums
built to honour ra 
that sungod of dynasties
who was all gods in one –
at least that’s what some histories
describe –

in answer to your question
please define success
and what you really mean by it –
do you mean the teaching
underpinning centuries
of growth?
or do you mean some mystery
that transcends time?
is it gods you seek
or arcane strategies
of secret power?
truths remain the same
only players seem to change
in this most
extraordinary world –

i’m trying to uncover
what the pyramids were for –
we’ve all heard of mummies
and hieroglyphic walls
yet it seems as if
even the valley of the kings
is a vast receptacle of learning
that we can’t figure out –
and what better place than walls
housing the dead
to hide esoteric knowledge
that may have come from god
or god’s representatives
or maybe aliens –

interesting – gods or aliens –
perhaps one and the same
when teaching spiritual growth –
and all this –  in your terms –
so very  long ago –
who could have guessed
the paths of teaching
would be horded by the rich
and reduced
to maintain the powers
of a dynasty –
i suppose you’ve read
the correlation between pyramids
and the magnetic poles
has shifted –
geography has changed
but truths remain the same –
now do you still insist
that wisdom comes
from outside in
or from the  inside out?

you’re answering in riddles –
my question was quite plain –
straightforward even –
were pyramids successful?
were they magic forms
translating geometric mysteries
of healing and power?
and if we searched
between the mazes and the tunnels
and the writings and the ruins
could these ancient truths
become our own?

there you go again –
you’re really asking how
that civilization grew
in such magnificence
and knowledge
that you seem to think
your world has lost –
you don’t want to hear
the wisdoms of the soul –
all you really want to know
is if a giant  triangle
made three dimensional
can accentuate
the metaphysical –

that’s it exactly!
three thousand years bc –
look how magically
mummies survived those tombs
and no one knows
the recipe they used
to stuff the bodies
pulling organs out
and all that gruesome stuff –

pardon the interruption
but I suspect and hope
the recipe
isn’t what you want?

not at all – that’s too gross –
but you must admit
movies have been made
mixing curses into isis
and orisis myths –
even the horus eye
and tarot cards
have come to us
as if bearing messages
transcending time –

tarot is the seekers path
balancing the right and left
weaving the mind with heart and soul
on the spiritual quest –
but you’re getting closer
to answering yourself –
first ra and then orisis-isis
did you know that both
were teachers of the one?
and if the all comes out of one
then one eye watches everything –

all very interesting i’m sure
now back to pyramids –
i read somewhere that imhotep
created the first stepping pyramid –
architect and engineer
physician and magician –
out nowhere how did he
gain such amazing erudition?
after him successors built
the biggest and the most complex
pyramids our world has known –
they kind of fell off after that
as if knowledge was somewhere lost –
but how could they be built at all
with muscle power and so few trees
and such amazing accuracy?
again – look at that valley of the kings!

this is almost too complex
for what you term your sciences  –
you have the power so-to-speak
in the very thoughts you think –
as you think - so you create
your vibrating world space
while everyone vibrates inside
their own self-created worlds –
but when combined
the joining power
of directed thought and sound
merged to one vibrating tone
can shift molecules of stone
until monoliths are born –

now I think you’re telling me
that the pyramids we see
were all created magically?
that seems a little hard to believe –
i think I’d rather understand
that giant pyramids can store
some kind of universal power –
like a massive battery
that holds and channels energies
we don’t know how to utilize –
and maybe that’s the reason why
the pharaohs were all buried there –
thinking cosmic energy
could seed their immortality!

sometimes your thoughts are very close
to an all-that-is approach –
sometimes they are far apart –
those of antiquity would think
you are a science fiction dream
while from your desktop point of view
you call  them the ancient dead –
yet the questions you both ask
absolutely overlap –

who do you really think you are
hidden in the names you use ?
and why are you really here
exploring physicality ?
perhaps the pyramids reflect
the questions you are meant to ask
and in asking them you find
past and present realigned
separate and yet one.

©pamela swanson