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four years

june 18, 2011

four years ago since first we met
in coffee promises
the seventh day and month and year
of the millennium –
i wonder if we half-way guessed
how much our lives would change?

four years ago we did not know
the colours of our names –
until we touched that strangest day
that gathered in the sevens
and realigned our travelling stars
into new patterns –

four years ago i did not know
that vashon was an island –
now goldfinches and grosbeaks
and hummingbirds and bees
overlap realities
with beaches and lagoons –

a city-country spinning
of recreated lives
where lupins daisies daffodils
dance sunshine out of rain
and goldfish wander lily ponds
with butterflies and frogs –

as if – inside some history
before our lives were born
we made a pledge to be this now
of soul-self promises
that vibrate us through mystic winds
to spiral us in change.



©pamela swanson 2018